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PROSPER Financial is a tax and financial services company. We specialize in Income Tax consultation and preparation as well as Private Equity investments.  Through our strategic partnerships we also offer Portfolio Management services.


Corporate tax preparation

Personal tax preparation

Corporate rollovers

Estate and Succession Planning


Audit Representation


Private Equity investments

Portfolio Management

(through referral arrangements)

Should you be interested in our offerings, please contact us for a free no obligation review of your situation.  If we can be of service we would be happy to serve you.


Silas Dain

Silas Dain

Email: silas@prosperfinancial.ca

Phone: (306) 227-1101


Michael Warnes

Michael Warnes

Email: michael@prosperfinancial.ca

Phone: (306) 361-3444

We look forward to working together with you.


Kevin K├Ârting

Email: kevin@prosperfinancial.ca

Phone: (306) 203 - 3516